Setting young minds abuzz with knowledge

Learning about some very special bees

In 2021, the Foundation funded a legacy education program which focussed on the Mungurragurra/Dawson's Burrowing Bees. These bees are only found in the Gascoyne and are culturally significant to the local Indigenous people. Every year, the bees are at risk from four-wheel drive enthusiasts and careless drivers, because they lay their eggs in burrows right in the middle of local dirt roads. 

The education program was a multi-departmental collaboration, supporting Gwoonwardu Mia Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre. The collaboration enhanced the visitor experience in the interpretive centre and created multiple entry points for local and visiting primary and secondary schools. 

As part of the project, learning experiences for school-aged children were developed and an educational loan box for schools and educators was created that is relevant, fun and highly valued.

Children with Burrowing Bee Loan Box item

"The education box was awesome and greatly supported our educational experience on cultural significance, food chains, living and non-living, life cycles and anatomy of the mungurragurra 🥰 thank you, Gwoonwardu Mia - Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre!" 

Burringurrah Remote Community School

Images: Burringurrah Remote Community School