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We believe that Western Australia stands as an extraordinary and globally iconic cultural location. It is a place in constant evolution which harnesses the imagination with spectacular and diverse natural attractions which inspire and transform everyone it touches.

We don’t simply assist to preserve the past. We work to define and advance our social and scientific heritage, both in Western Australia and on the world stage, now and for future generations.

We are the Foundation for the Museum of Western Australia.

Latest News

All Things Butterflies

Our upcoming March event, Bayonets and Butterflies, required us to do quite a bit of research on butterflies in museums. We found some fantastic information as well as links, and we'd love to share them with you. Did you know? Monarch butterflies journey...

New Museum for WA Tour

On Friday February 7th, Committee Members from Artefact Circle, our Donor Giving group, were given a personal tour of the New Museum for WA by Alec Coles, WA Museum CEO.  The group were escorted throughout the new museum site and were able to see the amazing progress...

New Museum Practical Completion Reached

The Foundation for the WA Museum wishes to congratulate the WA State Government for its continued commitment to deliver a world-class New Museum for Western Australia. Construction of the New Museum has reached practical completion, on time and within budget, and...