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We believe that Western Australia stands as an extraordinary and globally iconic cultural location. It is a place in constant evolution which harnesses the imagination with spectacular and diverse natural attractions which inspire and transform everyone it touches.

We don’t simply assist to preserve the past. We work to define and advance our social and scientific heritage, both in Western Australia and on the world stage, now and for future generations.

We are the Foundation for the Museum of Western Australia.

Latest News

The Live Cams of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Investing in our science and culture institutions benefits everyone. Donations support, amongst many other things, new technology for our WA Museum sites. In our searches for online science experiences this week we've found one the whole family can enjoy. This...

Reimagining Perth’s Lost Wetlands

Have you ever wondered what Perth was like before it was a city? Like many other cities around the world, Perth was founded on wetlands. These environments have played a significant role in the city's development, and are important habitats for a range of species. A...

Blazing trails day to day.

Here at the Foundation for the WA Museum, we have not one powerful female leader to look up to, but a team of eight women who are each powerful in their own way. It's not something we speak about on a daily basis because our passion for the work we do comes naturally...