The Foundation's Impact

Your support for the WA Museum makes all the difference

The Foundation for the WA Museum supports five key pillars of the WA Museum's work: 

  • Building the Museum collections and funding acquisitions. 
  • Education, learning and outreach initiatives. 
  • Supporting the WA Museum exhibition program and storytelling initiatives across all venues. 
  • Enabling research and fieldwork undertaken by the Collections and Research Centre. 
  • Supporting state-wide activities and programs specifically for regional Museum sites. 
In collaboration with the WA Museum, the Foundation measures the social impact of our funding initiatives and Museum activities to ensure our funding delivers the intended outcomes and value.


Learned something new at the "Dinosaurs of Patagonia" exhibition


Had a positive overall experience at "Dinosaurs of Patagonia"


Thought the exhibition was well produced and presented.


Agree the WA Museum site they visited gave them a sense of joy, beauty and wonder


Agree the WA Museum provides enjoyable and vibrant spaces for visitors 


Would attend another WA Museum exhibition in future based on their experience. 

Research and Fieldwork

Investigating the rich human history, biodiversity and geodiversity of WA.

Collections & Acquisitions

A treasure trove of community contributions and reseach findings since 1897.

Exhibitions and Storytelling

Reflecting the story of our State and country, from the earliest times to the most recent social histories.

Education, Learning and Outreach

Fostering learning, creativity and critical thinking.

State-wide Programs

State-wide programs and Museum activities in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Albany.