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The passion, commitment and generosity of our donors allows the Foundation for the WA Museum to help the WA Museum explore the past, question the present and shape our future for generations to come. Thank you!

International Exhibition Fund Donors

Major Donors

Marine Sustainability Fund Donors

Major Marine Donors

The Jock Clough Marine Foundation

Mariner Donors

Gabor Bedo

Ruth Phelps
Anna Shave
Anna Sloboda

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the donors who supported the Marine Sustainability Fund with donations up to $999.


Amanda Kailis PMAP Foundation
Suzanne Ardagh
Australian Resources & Energy Employer Association
Chris Bingemann
Coralie and Peter Bishop
Mae Cardaci
Meg Coffey
David Cornelius
Joanne Cruickshank
John Day
Paul and Didi Downie
Euroz Hartleys Foundation
Joanne Farrell
Jason Farrow
Elizabeth Harris
Dallas Hickman and Alex Hickman

Bridget Faye AM
John Goodlad
Mark Hanlon
Julie Hobbs
Jim and Freda Irenic
Maria Kailis
David Kyle
Peter and Joelle Larsen
Anne Last
Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor
Todd and Kerry Mairs
Jo and Michael Malone OAM
Amanda Mannolini
Justin Mannolini
Barrymore Markham
Margaret Matthews
Brodie McCulloch

John and Beth McKechnie
Glenda Morgan
Nomad Two Worlds Art Foundation
Steve Padbury
Julian Peet
Robert Petty
Ruth Phelps
Robert Ranalli and Mel Watts
Rob Rowell
Steve Scudamore
Anna Sloboda
Spectrum Health
Spinifex Trust
Robyn Tamke
Phil Thick
Ungar Family Foundation
Anonymous (2)

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the donors who supported the Foundation with donations up to $999.


Honoria Ethel Anderson
Veronica Barker
Dr Harry Butler
Bessel Hanekamp
Marjorie Keller-Tun
Dennis King
Dr Brian Leary
Joe Putcuyps and Elena Moustafina
Shelagh Wakely
Ethel Patricia Wright

We thank our benefactors and their families whose generosity helps us to protect the future of Western Australia’s natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.