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Your support for the WA Museum makes all the difference

The Foundation for the WA Museum mobilises, harnesses and directs your support for the Western Australian Museum to increase the Museum's cultural, scientific, educational and social impact and help secure its long-term financial sustainability. By supporting the Foundation, you are supporting five key pillars of the WA Museum's work: 

Collections and Acquisitions

The WA Museum collection reflects contributions from the WA community and the findings of scientific research since its inception in 1897. 

Education, Learning and Outreach

Museums play a crucial role in fostering learning, creativity and critical thinking, particularly among young audiences. 

Exhibitions and Storytelling

The WA Museum exhibition program reflects the story of our country, from the earliest inhabitants through to the most recent social histories of our state – stories of the land, the sky and the people. 

Research and Fieldwork

The WA Museum is heavily involved in research projects investigating the rich human history, biodiversity and geodiversity of Western Australia.

State-wide Activities

The museums in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Albany and Carnarvon provide a wealth of stories about their regions and WA more broadly. WA Museum also runs programs for communities state-wide who are not able to visit any of the Museum sites.


Help WA Museum now and into the future with a meaningful, important gift that makes a real difference for generations to come.

Corporate Partnerships

Align your corporate impact and brand with WA Museum's scientific, social and cultural impact across WA.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Show your generosity and commitment  by leaving a lasting legacy to WA Museum in your will. 


Join the Foundation at a range of events that showcase the diversity of the work of the WA Museum and the Foundation's support. 

What Happens to Your Gift?

All donations to the Foundation are directed through the Discovery Endowment Fund and are invested to provide long-term funding to the WA Museum.

The Discovery Endowment Fund is a self-sustaining source of funding for WA Museum. With the Fund's principal growing through philanthropic support and invested in perpetuity, a portion of the investment earnings is used each year to support the WA Museum. The annual support to the Museum is provided through the Foundation's Annual Grant Program, which is aligned to the Foundation's five pillars of support for the Museum.

Each year, based on the Museums priorities and the Discovery Endowment Fund's investment earnings, funds are made available to the WA Museum through the Foundation's Annual Grants Program. Within the framework of the Foundation's five support pillars, WA Museum independently directs how the annual grant funding is allocated to programs, projects, initiatives or acquisitions.

The Foundation's aim is to continue to grow the Discovery Endowment Fund in order to continue to provide regular annual grants to the Museum, and to grow the grant amount over time. The Foundation is actively seeking to grow corporate and private support for the Discovery Endowment Fund.

With ongoing philanthropic and corporate support and a low-risk, long-term focused investment strategy, the Discovery Endowment Fund will be able to provide growing annual returns to the WA Museum in perpetuity.