Ngalang Koort Conversations

A new lecture series exploring topics of global importance

Supported by Founding Partner Wesfarmers, the Foundation for the WA Museum has created Ngalang Koort ("Our Heart") Conversations, a new lecture series, where acclaimed international speakers will explore topics of global importance.

The renowned philosopher A. C. Grayling was the inaugural speaker of the series, and explored the question Will AI be humankind’s ‘last invention'? in a conversation with Robyn Owens, a mathematician and pioneering computational vision scientist, on 15 November 2023.  
As a Founding Partner of the Foundation for the WA Museum, Wesfarmers will support the Ngalang Koort Conversations series until 2030, with acclaimed speakers aimed at engaging the Western Australian community in conversations with world leading thinkers on topics of global interest and significance. The series will see keynote Conversations with high-profile international guests take place bi-annually, exploring topics of global importance. The Foundation may also present local or national speakers at other times, who contribute additional viewpoints to the Conversation.

The conversation series will be focused on five broad themes – humanity, truth, enterprise, challenge and justice – and allow for a wide range of conversation topics.

"Wesfarmers is delighted to be a Founding Partner of WA Museum Boola Bardip and to be presenting the Ngalang Koort Conversations. We know that ideas-driven, creative, educationally-engaged communities are more agile, inclusive and innovative – and ultimately, better prepared to harness the possibilities and face the challenges our future holds. I hope the Ngalang Koort Conversations will play their part in connecting our community and stimulating discussions that help shape the future of our State."

Michael Chaney, Chair of Wesfarmers

On 15 November 2023, the first Ngalang Koort Conversations speaker, A. C. Grayling, explored the topic Will AI be humankind’s ‘last invention’? in conversation with Robyn Owens, a mathematician and pioneering computational vision scientist.

The conversation, followed by a Q&A session, was held at Hackett Hall, WA Museum Boola Bardip. 

"Conversations are at the heart of human connection, and have immense power. At their best, conversations can harness and create wisdom, and affect change for the better. The WA Museum recognises this and aims to be a safe space for important conversations. The support of our Founding Partner Wesfarmers makes it possible to curate this new series that allows us to engage in important conversations about topics that are central to our existence and future, right here in Western Australia."

Coralie Bishop, CEO of the Foundation for the WA Museum

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