The Marine Sustainability Fund

Supporting marine and ocean research, exploration, education and engagement initiatives at the WA Museum

As the State’s foremost custodian of Western Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, the WA Museum is a leading authority in marine history, archaeology, biodiversity and aquatic zoology. The WA Museum’s strategic focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals sees Life Below Water as a key focus area for projects and initiatives.

Through extensive laboratory work and fieldwork, the WA Museum contributes to significant research outcomes that deepen our understanding of Western Australia’s unique marine environment, and aid in conservation. New species, both extant and fossilised, are discovered, identified, named and published on an ongoing basis. 

To support this vital work, the Foundation for the WA Museum works with passionate partners and donors to support strategic impact projects across all Museum activities. With the increasing focus on marine and oceans, the Foundation has established a focused support fund for initiatives now and for future generations. 

About the Marine Sustainability Fund

The Marine Sustainability Fund has been established as a separate core fund within the Foundation’s endowment fund and investment portfolio, in which donations to the Marine Sustainability Fund will be invested.

The investment returns will provide certainty for the WA Museum to plan and bring to fruition major initiatives focused on the preservation, the history, the biodiversity and the future of WA’s marine environment.

We invite you to consider becoming a donor to the Foundation for the WA Museum's Marine Sustainability Fund with a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will create a legacy for the people of WA and across the world as we discover, explore and preserve our unique marine and ocean heritage and ecology.   

Our initial goal is to raise $5 million over five years.  Join us in our quest!

Major Marine Donor $100,000+

Your donation enables you to work with us on bespoke aspects of the WA Museum's marine programs, and follow your passion for marine archaeology, marine biodiversity, aquatic zoology or maritime history.

Principal Marine Donor $50,000+

Make a significant impact on the Marine Sustainability Fund with an annual donation of $50,000+. Your gift will provide sustainable growth to the Fund, supporting the WA Museum’s vision.

Marine Patron $10,000+

Talk to the Philanthropy Team about how your contribution of $10,000+ per year will support the WA Museum’s initiatives.

Mariner Donor $1,000+

Donate as a Mariner Donor to share your passion for all things below the water! Your donation each year will ensure the ongoing growth of the fund.

Key priorities and initiatives

The WA Museum is a leading authority in marine biodiversity and aquatic zoology, and the Museum's work in this field is reflected in its state-wide research and fieldwork activities, in the Museum collections, exhibitions, and education and public programs. 

Several projects and initiatives are currently being scoped by the WA Museum for support over the coming years. Recent Foundation-supported marine and ocean focused initiatives include: 

Identifying new sea star species

One of the world’s leading experts on sea stars visited the WA Museum to investigate the Museum’s sea star (Asteroidea) collection.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands field trip

A field trip conducting a faunal and maritime archaeological survey of the Houtman Abrolhos Islands. 

WA's first coastal steamship

A gallery exploring the amazing story of Western Australia’s first coastal steamship.

Searching for missing shipwrecks

An aerial magnetometer survey of two remote sites in search of the Trial and SS Koombana wreck sites.