Leave a gift in your will

Leave a lasting legacy

In reflecting on your life, you have the ability to decide what kind of world you want to contribute to now and into the future.

The WA Museum has been built on contributions from the WA community and the findings of scientific research since its inception in 1897. The Foundation for the WA Museum aims to help the WA Museum to shape our future for many more generations to come.

By planning a gift in your will or considering a charitable beqeust to the Foundation for the WA Museum, you can leave a lasting legacy to the WA Museum, and support its work with and for future generations of Western Australians.

You can include the Foundation for the WA Museum in your will in different ways

A percentage

If you leave a percentage of your assets to the Foundation in your will, you do not have to adjust the value of your gift to account for inflation or changes to your total assets.

A fixed amount

By deciding to leave a specific sum to the Foundation, you determine the exact amount you want to gift. This does not take inflation or changes to your circumstances into account, so you may need to change the amount over the years.

The residue

This is the gift of whatever is left in your estate after all other provisions in your will, e.g. taking care of your loved ones, have been realised.

We know how important your gift is

Should you be considering making a bequest, we advise you to seek legal advice from a solicitor or tax professional. All bequests will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We respect your privacy and will look after your gift to us with sensitivity and care, and will remain transparent and accountable.
We would love to hear if you have chosen to include the Foundation for the WA Museum in your will. 

For further information, please reach out to Jo Malone, Head of Philanthropy, on (08) 6552 7474 or foundation@fwam.com.au