The Foundation for the WA Museum has been committed to securing the future of our State heritage since 1995. Our role is to cultivate and develop relationships with individuals, organisations, and community groups who understand the critical role that museums play in society. We assist in delivering engaging community and educational programs, support ground-breaking scientific research and discovery, source funding for touring exhibitions, and acquire new items for our State Collection, beyond the State Government’s funding.


The Discovery Endowment Fund has been established by the Foundation for the WA Museum to unleash the potential of the WA Museum Boola Bardip. With a $35 million fundraising target, our mission is to help create world-class museum facilities, and to sustain and build on the excitement around the new Museum. With your help the endowment, like those for many of the world’s greatest museums, will provide a secure source of income – a necessity for our future.


Opened in November 2020, the highly anticipated WA Museum Boola Bardip is a source of pride for the community of Western Australia, and a fitting gateway to our extraordinary State.

The State’s unique cultural and scientific collections have come alive with innovative new exhibits, activations and digital technology exploring subjects such as the formation of the Universe, WA’s latest inventions, extinct dinosaurs, newly discovered species, WA’s local communities and our greater role in the world.

Featured are eight major permanent galleries which are all multi-disciplinary. The Museum has been developed with a People First approach with more than 50,000 people being involved in consultation processes focusing on accessibility, inclusion, education, children and young people.  Woven throughout the Museum are stories and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, recognising the primary rights of Australia’s first peoples in practicing and expressing their cultural heritage. The venue is a place for sharing ideas, promoting discussion and debate about our past, present and future, discovering nature’s diversity, transforming landscapes, climate change and features highlights from the State’s Collections –  thus ensuring that your visit will be exciting, entertaining, participatory and informative.


To provide meaningful and sustainable financial support to the WA Museum by building private and corporate partners through advocacy, engagement and partnership.



To enhance the cultural heritage, stakeholder support, and the long-term financial sustainability of the WA Museum.


INTEGRITY To act with integrity in an equitable, honest and accountable manner.

PASSION To enthuse, foster and build a passionate culture in the broader community in support of the WA Museum.

TEAMWORK To build a workforce of innovative, loyal and respectful employees by drawing on their creative talents.

COLLABORATION To engage collaboratively with and educate partners, donors and sponsors of the Foundation to achieve our strategic goals.

EXCELLENCE To strive for excellence in pursuit of the Foundation’s vision, purpose and objectives.


  • To promote and raise awareness of the Foundation within the corporate and broader community.
  • To grow the Discovery Endowment Fund to $35M.
  • To maintain a strong governance model, responsibly managing and distributing funds in accordance with the Foundation’s goals, values and objectives in support of the WA Museum.
  • To provide advocacy, education services and financial support for the WA Museum.