The judges of our FameLab 2021 Victoria State Semi-Final are:

Emma Donnelly – Founder and Principal, Comm-It
Jordan Green – President and Founder, Melbourne Angels
Dr Jen Martin – Head of Science Communication, University of Melbourne

Jasmine Schipp @JasmineSchipp
The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research on Diabetes
A pancreas in your pocket: navigating the challenges of open-source artificial pancreas systems.

Shalini Guleria @guleria_shalini
Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute
The act of Manipulation: “Cancer vs Immume system”

Angus Rogers @HeavyMetalAngus
Monash University
There’s a party under that hill would you like to come?

Arianna Oddo @oddoari
Monash University
My brain-on-a-chip.

Kate Bongiovanni
The University of Melbourne
Volcanoes rock the world and the climate

Jacinta Humphrey @HumphreyJE_
La Trobe University
The Future is Green.

Kate Huckstep @HuckstepKate
The Florey Institute of Nuroscience and Mental Health
Why a favourite pub could trigger relapse: uncovering the biological mechanisms behind context-induced relapse.

Vivian Tran @viviantran
La Trobe University
Taking on the weight of the world.

Dr Saffron Bryant @SaffronBryant
RMIT University
Cryopreservation isn’t just for Science Fiction

Megan Withers @withers_meg
Monash University
Diagnosing the Earth’s most complex compound factor.

Ebony Monson @ebony_monson
La Trobe University
How can we boost our immune response?

Heshani De Silva @HeshaniD
Swinburne University of Technology
Experiences of family violence, risks and help-seeking behaviour among South-Asian Australians.