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Philanthropy defines a wide range of giving activities. From volunteering, events and raffle ticket purchase all the way to annual sponsorship, research support and corporate lecture series. Often, when giving to a worthy cause, it is difficult to see the benefits of your donation. Those of us who work at Foundation for the WA Museum love being able to see the physical result of your generosity and share it with you on a regular basis. Donations enable the Foundation to support the museums in a wide range of ways;

  • Bringing international exhibits to Western Australia
  • Adding new engaging elements from touch and feel displays to virtual reality projects
  • Repairing and rejuvenating exhibits
  • Ensuring the Discovery Endowment Fund is able to support the future of the WA Museum

Why become a donor?

There are those who become donors simply to give back; to feel that they’ve made a difference. Then there are our Artefact Circle donors who enjoy being a part of the cultural community and attend regular events and previews. Many families with young children, who grew up attending the WA Museum, like to consider themselves museum families and visit several times a year with pride, knowing that they’re a part of the fabric of the museum.

All our generous donors have the rare ability to see and experience what their generosity has helped to grow. Whether your objectives include warm fuzzies or tax benefits; you’ll always be a part of our museum family.