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We’ve been busy at the Foundation for the WA Museum, securing funding to protect the future of our WA Museum. To bring brilliant international exhibitions to Western Australia, support groundbreaking research, involve more young people than ever before and continue to grow and build our Museums into places for community and for hope.

But you’ve been busy too. 

You’ve been supporting your own community, keeping your family safe, teaching them when they couldn’t go to school, checking on your neighbours and doing your best to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. So this year, instead of asking for your donations on Giving Tuesday, we’ve asked our sponsors and supporters if they have anything that could help us to offer you something special. We’re all working together to give something back to you. As we gather new ways that we can give back to you, we’ll share them with you. And if you have a way you would like to give back to supporters of the Foundation for the WA Museum, you can let us know at foundation@fwam.com.au or send us a message on Facebook. Because our core purpose is giving, sharing and building, for the betterment of our Western Australian community through their Museums.

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