Help protect the future of Western Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

Western Australia holds a unique place in the world’s evolution and you can play a part in its preservation so new generations continue to benefit. Leaving a bequest to the Foundation for the WA Museum could work towards goals that you yourself are passionate about, and leave a lasting legacy for your own family as well as scientific and or cultural research, awareness and education.

Museums have evolved over the years, becoming multi-layered institutions with strong connections to science, discovery and education. The gifts that the Foundation has received in the past are the beginnings of great things with lasting legacies.

Large donations like bequests can help with the discovery of new species, mapping of uncharted places, engagement of new people and of course the education of the next generation of inspired minds.


If you intend to leave a bequest for the Foundation for the WA Museum in your Will, or you would like to discuss this, please complete the form below so that we may acknowledge you correctly or discuss your requirements.