Name a Theatre Seat




Engrave your (or a loved one’s) name on a personalised plaque on the backrest of a seat for 5 years in the iconic NWS Shipping Theatre at the WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle.
There can be few more magnificently located lecture theatres in the world. Opening the blinds to the Theatre allows guests to take in the view of the Fremantle harbour and the Indian Ocean beyond. The WA Maritime Museum showcases our maritime history through early explorers and shipwrecks, trade routes, naval defence, migration and sporting triumphs in a remarkable building that has become a Fremantle icon.

The 204 seat NWS Shipping Theatre overlooks the entrance to Fremantle Harbour and has become a popular location for corporate presentations, conferences, lectures and performing arts events.

Undeniably, the NWS Shipping Theatre has been an important place for people to explore their identity and their heritage, and it will continue to be a place of education, celebration, affirmation and sometimes of revelation all housed within a functional comfortable and welcoming environment.

Secure your personalised plaque
We would like to invite you to secure a personalised plaque on the backrest of a seat in this iconic theatre for 5 years, with proceeds supporting the Foundation’s Discovery Endowment Fund. Plaques can be dedicated in a number of ways including the names of family members, companies, and even boats!