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Our Impact

Individual donors, families, businesses, corporate organisations and community foundations are the cornerstone of all we do, and their tremendous generosity and commitment continues to impact all we achieve.

We are committed to providing the WA Museum with ongoing funding to support its endeavours to bring international exhibitions to WA; expand the Museum’s research capabilities; provide educational opportunities; fund State Collection acquisitions; and showcase the stories of Western Australia to the rest of the world.

Education and engagement

Every person deserves to have equal opportunity to access and be a part of our State’s story. Today’s technology has given us the ability to facilitate and engage more people than ever before, and when combined with public outreach and education programs, the impact is limitless. Discover more about the Foundation’s success in delivering and engaging new audiences:

Research and fieldwork

We believe the fate of our state’s environment is in the hands of its people, and that research and conservation projects are imperative to our future. We support vital projects every year. Discover more about the Foundation’s success in delivering research projects and environmental excellence:

Exhibitions and Experiences

The Foundation delivers highly engaged, collaborative and accountable partnerships to create outcomes that otherwise may not be obtained individually, adding to the unique diversity of WA’s culture. Discover more about the Foundation’s success in delivering international exhibitions and state-of-the-art technology:

Special Acquisitions

For more than 120 years, the WA Museum has been collecting, researching, displaying and interpreting WA’s cultural and natural heritage. There are over 8 million objects now in trust, all helping to uncover the secrets of WA.