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New South Wales Semi-Final

Our New South Wales contestants brought us diamonds and fitbits for sharks! Another talented group of early to mid career researchers gave a high standard of presentations. Judged by Doctor Chris Armstrong – Director Office of the Chief Scientists and Engineer NSW, Doctor Vanessa Pirotta – Marine Biologist and 2018 FameLab Australia Winner as well as 2018 FameLab International Runner Up and Helen Salmon – Director Australia of the British Council. We could not complete FameLab Australia without the time and dedication of our judges – thank you.

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Dr Madeleine Ferrari  
University of Sydney  
Self-compassion and adolescence. 


Dr Laura 
University of Technology Sydney  
Tackling the antibiotic resistance crisis. 


The University of Sydney  
A surprising treatment for stroke. 


Macquarie University  
Sharks can wear Fitbits too. 


Dr Mark Gardner  
Image X Institute  
Radiotherapy devices for developing countries. 

Dr Lindsay Parker  
Macquarie University  
Fighting brain cancer with tiny diamonds. 

Genevieve Sergeant  
The University of Sydney  
Light up your cells. 

Juliën Kavish Lubeek  
Macquarie University  
Investigating “King Kong’s” demise. 

Claire Flitcroft  
The University of Sydney  
Modifying peptides and proteins with non-natural molecules. 

Utkarshaa Varshney  
University of New South Wales  
Saving our planet with solar electricity. 

Dr Bernardo García-Pola  
University of New South Wales  
Consistently irrational. 

Michelle Demers  
The University of Sydney  
Know your enemy. 


Voting has now closed.