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In February we were lucky enough to visit the New Museum with our Artefact Circle Committee. Back then (before the world changed) we shared some photos of the committee in the new and old buildings. Today we share some more photos showing the architectural elements that struck a chord with us on the day. The New Museum provides days, if not weeks, of space to explore. We think you will agree when you join us for the launch celebrations later this year.  

Image 1

 On one of our first visits inside the building after practical completion, we were struck by the careful joining of the old and new. Where the roof of this heritage structure, enters the window of our amazing new building. When you visit the New Museum from November, you will have the opportunity to see this heritage piece of Western Australia up closer than ever before because this is at a height that visitors of all ages can reach.  


Image 2

We love this photo of some of our Artefact Circle Committee on their latest tour of the building. It clearly demonstrates the way the spaces in this brilliant development encourage people to look, dwell and consider their view. In this moment, everyone on the tour became contemplative and quiet. Not for any reason other than the feeling that this glass wall let such a huge view of Perth in and we all wanted to understand and enjoy for a short moment. This was prior to COVID-19 so there was no requirement for social distancing.