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On Friday February 7th, Committee Members from Artefact Circle, our Donor Giving group, were given a personal tour of the New Museum for WA by Alec Coles, WA Museum CEO. 

The group were escorted throughout the new museum site and were able to see the amazing progress that has been made in the lead up to the opening later in 2020.
The brilliant design links contemporary architecture with the historic and heritage-listed buildings and creates spaces that promote engagement and collaboration.

The Committee look forward to planning and hosting preview events for Artefact Circle Donors before the new museum opens to give Donors the opportunity to experience the museum their generous donations support.
Plus throughout 2021, a schedule of events embracing all the new museum has to offer will give our Foundation supporters many occasions to attend.

The Artefact Circle Committee:

  • Mae Cardaci
  • Emma Milner
  • Jody Chaney
  • David Gardiner
  • John Goodlad
  • Philippa Packer
  • Anna Sloboda
  • Dr Richard Lewis