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With so many science and culture offerings online, we could share them all day. Instead of clogging up your social feed whenever we get excited about something, we’re pulling together a round up of the things that we love in the #MuseumFromHome category. Here’s our first group of winners, from all over the world, to keep your #MuseumFamily going until you can visit our brilliant WA Museum sites once again.

Distant Discoveries

COVID-19 has caused the temporary closure of our Museums, but whilst our doors are closed there’s still a whole lot of magic going on. We are working together to ensure that our collections, our knowledge and our expertise is available to you – and the wider world!

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Heritage Happenings for Kids​

This brilliant collection of UK based museum activities for kids has something for everyone to enjoy! Fill your school holidays with heritage fun!

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Five novels from the Victorian era to give comfort in troubled times​

Many of us have some spare time, where we were previously on a train, bus or in peak hour traffic. Here are some Victorian classics with happy endings to lighten your days.

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Forget your troubles with these crazy but REAL science illustrations​

Some scientific concepts are so intricate and discombobulating, they are difficult to convey in words – but a good, old-fashioned visual aid can make it crystal clear.  But not every concept is going to result in a serious picture. A squid in an MRI machine is always going to look pretty funny, no matter how well it is drawn.

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Understand the Gold Rush with the National Museum of Australia​

The discovery of gold in the 1850s started a series of rushes that transformed the Australian colonies. Follow along as the NMA online exhibition dives into how this transformation impacted all of Australia.

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