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A butterfly can taste with its feet, ants tap each other with their antennae to talk to each other, and male stalk-eye flies attract a mate with their big round eyes. These are just a few fun facts shared by the WA Museum at various sites across Perth while the New Museum for WA is under construction in the Perth Cultural Centre. The Foundation’s partnership with Quadrant Energy has helped to create a transportable, secure, multi-use ‘Museum in a Container’ that has appeared at the Perth Royal Show and the Awesome Festival over the October school holidays. Kids of all ages had the chance to create and build their own bugs of all shapes and sizes.

The ‘Museum in a Container’ engages with local communities at various sites including festivals, fairs and other community events. Upcoming events include:

  • Saturday 27 October, 10am to 4pm, 2018 Maritime Day, B-Shed, Fremantle
  • Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 November, 10am to 6pm, Act Belong Commit Bonjour Perth 2018, Market Square Park, Subiaco