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Leave a Bequest

Why a bequest?

Help protect the future of Western Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

Western Australia holds a unique place in the world’s evolution and you can play a part in its preservation so new generations continue to benefit. Leaving a bequest to the Foundation for the WA Museum could work towards goals that you yourself are passionate about, and leave a lasting legacy for your own family as well as scientific and or cultural research, awareness and education.

Museums have evolved over the years, becoming multi-layered institutions with strong connections to science, discovery and education. The gifts that the Foundation has received in the past are the beginnings of great things with lasting legacies.

Large donations like bequests can help with the discovery of new species, mapping of uncharted places, engagement of new people and of course the education of the next generation of inspired minds.


What could a bequest achieve?

Annual Grants Program

A generous donation made by the Minderoo Foundation in 2018 to the Foundation for the WA Museum saw the establishment of the Annual Minderoo Grants. The new grants program enabled WA Museum scientists and curators to apply for funding for key museum projects. Thus far, the grants awarded to recipients have helped to enable;

  • Palaeontology fieldwork expedition to find fossil evidence of toothed birds, marine reptiles, shark and rays from the Cretaceous period.
  • Next Generation Sequencing of historical, iconic and holotype specimens
  • Acquisition of 3D scanner to improve the WA Museum’s Collections conservation abilities and enable 3D digital and tactile access to the public.
  • Ultra-freezing tissue samples at -80°C to preserve them for future decades of genetic research on WA’s diverse terrestrial animals, some endangered or extinct.
  • To showcase the palaeobiology of local populations of Carcharocles megalodon and its progenitor Carcharocles chubutensis. 
  • To create a high quality podcast that can inspire it’s listeners, invite people to “Rethink their World” and create a desire to visit Albany and the Great Southern itself.
  • Present community created exhibitions over 12 months at Fremantle sites in the smaller exhibition spaces.

A bequest could help to achieve goals just like these or be dedicated to the future of the New Museum for WA.

Delivery of Environmental Excellence


The Foundation for the WA Museum has developed a unique and highly successful partnership with Woodside and the WA Museum spanning an impressive 20 years. This ongoing partnership has enabled the creation of the endowed Woodside Marine Biodiversity Fund which was established to generate a sustainable source of funding that will support the Museum’s Woodside Collection and associated partnership initiatives in perpetuity.

A fantastic outcome of the thousands of research hours spent in the field surveying over 2,500 kilometres of WA’s North West coast, collecting over 55,000 animal and plant species for the Woodside Collection and discovering a remarkable 1,000+ new species with further new discoveries yet to be revealed as research of the raw materials continues.

If you are passionate about the natural world and want to ensure you leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy a deeper understanding as well as new discoveries, then a bequest is an opportunity worth your consideration.

International Exhibitions


A bequest could help the Foundation for the WA Museum to provide the funding required to bring world-class international exhibitions to the WA Museum sites.

Connecting with new audiences.


Your legacy could be the use of new technologies to connect with audiences requiring accessibility resources or educational input.

Mobile and regional activation.


Your bequest could help give people in regional communities the opportunity to touch, feel and learn from mobile museum exhibits.

Managing your Bequest

Adding the Foundation for the WA Museum into your will can be as simple as allowing for a monetary donation or, for larger gifts, we can work with you and your family on a dedicated project based legacy to suit your passions. 

We respect your privacy and will look after your gift to us with sensitivity and care. We will remain transparent and accountable. We would love to hear if you have chosen to include us in your Will and if you require any further information, please reach out to us on:

Executive Manager, Foundation for the WA Museum – PO Box 7328, Cloisters Square PO, WA 6850
+61 (0)8 6552 7474 | foundation@fwam.com.au | fwam.com.au