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Julian Burt has a strong family connection to the WA Museum via the historically significant Ti-Tu vessel, first owned by Julian’s Grandfather Septimus Burt, WA’s Attorney General in 1886. Ti-Tu was built by local Fremantle boat builder in 1901 as a steam pleasure launch and is one of the oldest surviving watercraft which plied the Swan River in the early 1900’s. In 1974 with the generosity of the Burt family, the Ti-Tu was purchased by the Western Australian Museum and is now a part of the Museum’s important Maritime History collection.

The Burt Wright Foundation continues to support the valuable work of the Museum, and via the assistance of the Foundation for the WA Museum recently joined with the West Australian Fishing Industry Council, the Western Rock Lobster Council and the Pearl Producers Association to support the Museum’s production of the beautiful publication, In Search of Fish and Fortune along Australia’s West Coast by Bill Leonard.

In Search of Fish and Fortune along Australia’s West Coast tells the stories of the men and families that took on the many challenges inherent in Australia’s south and west coast seas and rivers to help pioneer the diverse fisheries and boat building industries. These industries have developed into major drivers of WA and Australia’s growth and properity.

The luxury publication showcases over 60 exquisite drawings, maps and classic photographs illustrating the evolution of design, craftsmanship, skills and technology of WA’s fishing craft, bringing the boats and their unique stores to vibrant life.

This beautiful hardcover coffee table style book of over 300 pages retails for $70 and can be ordered online by clicking here.