Welcome to the Impact Circle

Bringing value, vision and impact to your donation.


What is Collective giving?

Like-minded people come together to support shared causes. They pool their resources and decide collectively where, when, and how to award grants. Giving as a group enables a greater impact and offers a higher level of engagement and social connectivity.


How does it work?

  • Give – Annually each donor contributes $1,000 to the grants pool
  • Vote – Museum teams will present their proposals and donors will vote based on “one donation, one vote” at the Annual Voting event
  • Grant – the winning project is announced. The project progress and final results are shared with donors via email, social media or specific donor engagement


How can I be a part of the Impact Circle?

  • Simply make your $1,000 tax-deductible annual donation. Flexible payment options are available.
  • If you have already donated this financial year as an Artefact Circle donor, you are already involved and eligible to vote!


How do I make a difference?

Your donation will allow the Foundation to support the WA Museum in ground-breaking research and create opportunities for world-class projects to provide future generations with the knowledge and context they need to succeed.

Your questions answered:

  • Your donation is fully tax-deductible
  • You have an option to donate annually or monthly
  • Anyone can join our Impact Circle by making the minimum donation
  • The Annual Voting Event includes presentations by the WA Museum teams applying for the grants
  • If you cannot attend the Annual Voting Event, you may vote by proxy
  • Current Artefact Circle donors will automatically receive their vote in 2021
  • If you are inspired by a project and would like to show further support as an individual donor or corporate sponsor, you can do so by contacting us on [email protected]


What events are proposed for 2021?

First half of 2021:

  • Origins Gallery Experience with the WA Museum Curators and Impact Circle Launch
  • WA Museum Boola Bardip Highlights Tour for Impact Circle donors
  • Whale Whispering Long Table Dinner under the Blue Whale

Second half of 2021:

  • Impact Circle Presentation and Voting Event
  • WA Fashion Forward Fundraising Event
  • Keynote Speaker Breakfast
  • Annual Fundraising Gala
  • Foundation Christmas Fundraiser


What sort of projects have been supported by the Foundation in the past?

  • Illuminating the Biodiversity of the Ningaloo Canyons with over 30 new species discovered
  • Megalodon Shark Teeth discovered and excavated
  • Ruth Tarvydas Collection added to the State Collection
  • 120-million-year-old marine reptiles found in Kalbarri
  • 3D Scanner purchased for the WA Museum