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Image Acknowledgements & Copyright Details

Home Page

  1. VR Experience, WA Maritime Museum. © Daniel Carson Images
  2. Montage of Images. © Tourism Western Australia
    • Wandjina Aboriginal rock art, near Raft Point
    • Divers at the HMAS Swan Dive Wreck, off Meelup Beach
    • Ruins of the Glenfield Homestead on the Katrine Heritage Trail
    • Aerial view of Lake Hillier, Middle Island near Esperance
    • View from Kings Park
    • Industrial site
    • Pemberton
    • Thongs on Cottesloe Beach
    • Ningaloo Marine Park

Who Are We Page

  1. Couple admiring karri trees in Boranup Forest, in the Leeuwin – Naturaliste National Park.
    © Tourism Western Australia
  2. Phymatocarpus maxwellii wildflower, found in Fitzgerald River National Park. © Tourism Western Australia
  3. Western Beach, Kooljaman at Cape Leveque. © Tourism Western Australia

What We Do Page

  1. New Museum for WA. © WA Museum
  2. WA DownUnder Gallery, WA Maritime Museum. © Foundation for the WA Museum.
  3. Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous. © WA Museum
  4. Horrible Histories: Pirates. © WA Museum
  5. Giant Clam. © WA Museum
  6. New Museum Interpretation. © WA Museum.
  7. HMAS Sydney II. © WA Museum

Get Involved Page

  1. Young Plant Growing in Sunlight. © Getty Images
  2. Man Signing Contract. © Getty Images
  3. Grandfather and grandmother with grandson. © Getty Images
  4. The Lost World: Night at the Museum. © Daniel Carson Images


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