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Dear Friends

The implications of COVID-19 have been profound, but the path to business recovery is evolving and we at the Foundation are almost back to normal. 

For the time being, we are still working reduced hours, but the team last week transitioned back to our offices at 140 William Street. All necessary precautions around physical distancing and hygiene are being followed to the letter and it has been really lovely to all be together again as a team, totally committed to continuing in our endeavours to support the WA Museum as it heads down the ‘home strait’ to opening in November this year.

It really is during times like these that I am proud to be a part of the Foundation for the WA Museum and very proud of my team: each day brings significant challenges and pressures on the operations of non-profit organisations, but each day we rise to those challenges with ingenuity, resilience and integrity. We are working with several iconic WA corporations on naming rights opportunities for the remaining Galleries at the New Museum, providing community support along with partner Santos to the Distant Discoveries Program presented by the WA Museum and collaborating closely with our Artefact Circle Giving Group on an exciting events calendar – so watch this space, we will be back with renewed alacrity and great excitement.

I wanted to thank you sincerely for your ongoing support of us at the Foundation –  your lovely messages of encouragement that we have received regularly during our changing environment have been very uplifting. The steady trickle of personal donations which have continued to come in make our lives very rewarding as these go directly into the Discovery Endowment Fund to support new and innovative opportunities. Our Western Australian determination makes the best out of any situation and COVID-19 is no exception.

I do hope that with the lifting of some restrictions, our paths will cross again very soon. In the meantime, a warm and sincere thank you from all of us. Please do call or email if you have any queries or would like to know more about our work: 2020 will not be easy to forget for many reasons!

Stay safe – Personal regards.