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On behalf of all of us at the Foundation for the WA Museum, thank you so much for your continuing support as we look forward to the many changes that no doubt all of us will see in our changing world. We will keep you up to date with FameLab which is in full swing now and the finals happening on 29th April, the Galleries that are presently being fitted out at the New Museum and of course the projects that our staff are addressing whilst we are house-bound.

Your generous support, both personal and financial, through sponsorship and donations have always helped us provide important funding to Alec Coles and his WA Museum team. This will become more important as we work to support our New Museum which is working so hard to open at the end of November this year.  Areas such as their research efforts, field collection trips, acquiring significant artefacts will become paramount in keeping our New Museum at the cutting edge. All this is possible through the establishment of our Endowment Fund together with our Sponsorship team working to fund various projects like the exhibitions due to come to Perth, for instance The Vikings which is due to open at the end of this year and run into 2021.

Like all charities and Foundations, we are facing new challenges and we have commenced, and are committed to, our COVID-19 response plans, both at present and post COVID-19. Our entire team continues to work from home on reduced days working on projects such as a new look and up to date website.  As we move closer to the opening of our new and fabulous WA Museum these are areas that will see us ready to move forward quickly post COVID-19. The ability to log into regular Zoom online meetings enables us to stay safely connected and to keep up to date through distance networking and break the social isolation many are feeling – it certainly is a new world!

Please stay connected through our website or email or call us should you have any queries or wish to access information on FameLab, the new Museum’s progress, or just keep our relationships and partnerships uppermost in your mind. You will see we will post every week on our website and social media so please log in and keep up to date. 

In the meantime, please keep safe and stay well.  I look forward to connecting with you in my next message from my desk at home.

Warm regards