From the CEO

Hi everyone, As we are facing an unprecedented time for all of us, it is understandable that we are feeling uncertain about what lies ahead.  While the situation changes daily I want to assure you that we are working as an incredibly committed and resourceful team at the Foundation and are intending to keep you, our donors, partners and supporters up…

FameLab 2019 Finalists

2020 FameLab Australia

Designed to inspire, motivate and develop young scientists to actively engage with the public and stakeholders, FameLab aligns with the Foundation’s objective to deliver engaging community and education programs, support ground-breaking scientific research and discovery and seek additional support for funding. Entering into its seventh partnership year, the British Council and the WA Museum, supported…


Prehistoric Shark Teeth Found in Western Australia

Minderoo Grant Update Prehistoric Shark Teeth Found in Western Australia Cape Range National Park near Exmouth was once a feeding ground for some of the largest prehistoric predators that ever lived in Earth’s oceans. Western Australian Museum scientists made the discovery when they uncovered 38 teeth belonging to Carcharocles megalodon, a prehistoric shark that research…