True North wins

True North Wins

The Major Prize Package in the Channel 7 We Love Museums Lottery includes a 5 day adventure aboard True North to the Rowley Shoals off the North West Coast of Western Australia. True North are renowned for their high quality adventures and they’ve once again won a huge amount of awards to prove it. Here…


Shallow Water Seastars

In June renowned WA Museum scientist, 90-year-old Loisette Marsh, launched her magnum opus – a field guide to Australian seastars. Loisette created the book using field notes from her biological expeditions to the far-flung coasts of Western Australia. She is one of only two scientists in Australia who specialise in echinoderm (marine invertebrates including seastars,…

FameLab Academy 2020 - Performer Mireyah

FameLab Academy 2020

FameLab Academy Australia “Revolutionising Science Communication in WA schools” FameLab Academy is a schools’ initiative that challenges Year 9 and Year 10 students to communicate a topic of their choice in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM). FameLab Academy is a sister competition to Cheltenham Festival’s FameLab, the world’s leading science communication competition which finds and mentors young STEM researchers to…


Inspiring STEM Stars

FameLab Academy 2020 is finally here! The FameLab team at the Foundation for the WA Museum have been hard at work to help Year 9 and 10 students from WA schools to live their dreams with some of Australia’s top STEM talent! On Wednesday we live stream FameLab Academy from Cecil Andrews College so that…


The True Terroir of Denmark

Those who have attended our events will likely have sampled (or won) some Silverstream Wine at some point. We wanted to know more about Silverstream and why they chose to support the Foundation for the WA Museum.   Why did the team at Silverstream Wines choose to support the Foundation for the WA Museum? Silverstream was introduced to the Foundation…