The Rottnest Channel Swim team from the WA Museum

2021 Rottnest Channel Swim

SUPPORT YOUR WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM CURATION AND RESEARCH TEAM Donate to the Foundation for the WA Museum to support the scientists behind the Museum! This amazing team of scientists are swimming all the way to Rottnest in the 2021 Rottnest Channel Swim to raise money for the Foundation and support the WA Museum.   DONATE…

Jenny Allen and Peter Rowsthorn draw the raffle

Night at the Museum Raffle Winners

The winners of the raffles at our Night at the Museum event were:   Heyder and Shears Degustation: Trelawney Williams Permit Number: LS215388120   Cultured Staycation: Murray Leahy, from Somerville Permit Number: LS215399620   Helicopter and South West Luncheon: Michael Angi, from Gnangara Permit Number: LS215399720   Thank you to all those who purchased tickets…

Garypus ranalliorum

Your Family Species

The Ranalli family are long term supporters of the Foundation for the WA Museum. In an auction benefiting the Discovery Endowment Fund, the Ranalli family won the opportunity to have a never before discovered species named after them! We asked Robert Ranalli some questions about why they choose to support the Foundation for the WA…