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The judges deliberated and agreed that Winner Valeria Senigaglia from Murdoch University, Runner-up Emily Brogan, from Edith Cowan University and Dr Darja Kragt from The University of Western Australia as the Wild Card would go through to the National Finals to be held on Wednesday 29 April.

The 2020 semi-finalist winners for Western Australia are:

WINNER Valeria Senigaglia, Murdoch University – Dolphins’ facebook
Dophin’s have a large social network. Dolphins influence and react to each other and their environment. Are popular Dolphin’s more resilient than their less popular friends and do they live better lives that we can learn from?


RUNNER UP: Emily Brogan, Edith Cowan University Lost for words?
Imagine you wake up lost for words and cannot speak because your brain is holding your mouth hostage due to a stroke. What is the best therapy for people who are lost for words?


WILD CARD: Dr Darja Kragt, The University of Western Australia – No more bad leaders!
Have you ever had a bad boss? Have you ever wondered why they behave in bad ways? Measuring leadership stereotypes that we hold about ourselves helps to understand the impact on our behaviour.


AUDIENCE CHOICE: Jaisalmer de Frutos Lucas, Edith Cowan University – Win the race against Alzheimer’s disease
Close your eyes and remember the last time you saw someone you love? What happens when we no longer no longer remember who is in front of us and emotional ties are lost? Learn how exercise protect from the loss of memories in Alzheimer’s.