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Discovery Endowment Fund

Opening in late 2020, the highly anticipated New Museum for WA will provide the perfect introduction to WA’s landscapes, biodiversity, culture, and geological heritage. 

To realise the vision of a world-class state-of-the-art institution beyond 2020, the Foundation has created the Discovery Endowment Fund to provide long-term funding to the Museum and unleash the potential of the New Museum for WA. With a $35 million fundraising target for the Discovery Endowment Fund, the Foundation is actively working in partnership with corporates, philanthropists and the local community.



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Leave a cultural footprint for the future

Fundraising Activities

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Secure WA’s natural and cultural heritage


Endowment funds are essential because they –

  • Secure sources of future income that are required to provide the level of financial independence that allows a world-class organisation to truly excel
  • Allow world-leading organisations to secure a reputation of excellence by housing innovative programs, research and exhibitions that are beyond the recurrent funding scope
  • Provide philanthropic individuals and organisations with an opportunity to create a lasting legacy by supporting causes they believe are important
  • Enable organisations with aspirations of success at a global level the ability to be truly innovative and bold and deliver their activities with confidence

“Our sole purpose is to support assist and work with the WA Museum to achieve international exhibitions, educational opportunities, advocacy and funding where governments cannot be expected to always provide this level of financial support.”

– Jenny Allen, CEO, Foundation for the WA Museum