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It’s a big year for us at the Foundation for the WA Museum. The new WA Museum opens in November which brings with it a host of new event opportunities, ways to understand Western Australian culture and increased access to the brilliant team of scientists and curators.

As an Artefact Circle Donor, you will receive exclusive invites to events, artefact previews and private tours. You could hear personal stories of discovery from curators of the WA Museum, see newly named species up close as well as gain a deeper understanding of fossils and creatures who lived on Australian land before us. Through the galleries of the New Museum as well as specialists in the field, you could experience First Nations stories like never before.

To claim your tax benefits in this financial year, donations are required before the end of June. We will provide you with a receipt which you can provide to your accountant to claim the benefits due to you.

We maintain a personal relationship with our Donors to ensure their cultural and historical interests are indulged. All donation amounts are appreciated and ongoing support partnerships are available for discussion.