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Here at the Foundation for the WA Museum, we have not one powerful female leader to look up to, but a team of eight women who are each powerful in their own way.

It’s not something we speak about on a daily basis because our passion for the work we do comes naturally to us. We could all stand around and talk about the things we are good at but we’d lose several days of work. Instead we tend to get invested in conversations about how we can build connections between our individual supporters, corporate partners and the WA Museum portfolio. When you know your product inside out, and we do, it becomes effortless to plan a web of multi-channel and platform connections for potential partners. Therein lies the power of that passion that comes so naturally to the team. That’s how we are blazing our trail.

For us, every day is like International Women’s Day. As WA Museum CEO, Alec Coles, worded it in a recent WA Business News article, female leaders all blaze trails in their own way. With Jenny Allen as the Foundation’s CEO, we have the unique opportunity to work with a woman who has dedicated over 20 years of her career to helping those less fortunate. Jenny inspires the team, corporate partners and individual supporters to blaze their own trail in their support of the WA Museum.