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Artefact Circle

A fascination with the past. 
An understanding of the present. 
A passion for the future.

The best museums aren’t just about things. They’re about people. The people of Western Australia are as diverse and dramatic as the landscapes in which they live and as intriguing and captivating as the collective history they share.

This is where you come in. By becoming an Artefact Circle donor, you become part of the rich tapestry of stories brought to life through the compelling collection of objects, ideas, exhibitions and programs of the WA Museum.

The partnership between donors and the Foundation for the WA Museum has had an extraordinary impact on our community. It has helped the WA Museum perform ground-breaking scientific research, fund touring exhibitions and deliver numerous education programs. However, there is much more to do.

What your support actually means
The Artefact Circle is at the heart of the Foundation for the Museum’s exclusive giving program, with proceeds going to the Foundation’s Discovery Endowment Fund. Your support will help the Museum continue its valuable work. We will also invite you to attend exclusive events and exhibitions to see what the fund allows the Foundation for the WA Museum to accomplish.

Become an Artefact Circle Donor
The Artefact Circle is an annual giving program. For a $1,000 a year tax-deductible donation you will be acknowledged as an Artefact Circle donor.

Become an Artefact Circle Donor